Pilar Muñoz

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OBJECTIVE To estimate the predictive value of the 30-question Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) in Spanish and calculate the most adequate cut-point for its use in Primary Health Care consultations. METHOD 218 patients over the age of 64 treated at three health centers of Area 10 in Madrid were selected. In the first phase, the subjects completed the GDS,(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective is to describe and characterize patterns of service use by out-patients with schizophrenia in Spain. METHOD A representative treated prevalence sample of cases with schizophrenia was selected from four Spanish health areas. The evaluation included health service use, clinical severity, functioning and disability. Statistical(More)
We have developed a web-based tool, called e-status, that is able to generate individually different statistical or mathematical problems and to correct the studentsánswers. The tool is well appreciated by the students since it is available anywhere and anytime. This ability allows the weaker students to practice the concepts as needed, without obstructing(More)
BACKGROUND Whooping cough is a communicable disease whose incidence has increased in recent years in some countries with vaccination. Since 1981, in Catalonia (Spain), cases must be reported to the Public Health Department. In 1997, surveillance changed from aggregated counts to individual report and the surveillance system was improved after 2002. Catalan(More)
recent years, the study of artifi cial neural networks (ANN) have aroused great interest in fi elds as diverse as biology, psychology, medicine, economics, mathematics, statistics and computer science. The main reason underlying this interest lies in the fact that ANN are general, fl exible, nonlinear tools capable of approximating any sort of arbitrary(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE E-status is a web-based tool designed to improve learning in statistics introductory courses. In a separate report (Gonzalez et al, 2006) we presented an experimental evaluation of the performance improvement among students of a dentistry school who used the tool. Here, based on observation, we estimate its effect in improving the(More)