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The late survival of archaic hominin populations and their long contemporaneity with modern humans is now clear for southeast Asia. In Europe the extinction of the Neanderthals, firmly associated with Mousterian technology, has received much attention, and evidence of their survival after 35 kyr bp has recently been put in doubt. Here we present data, based(More)
Research on fluctuating asymmetry (FA)-mediated sexual selection has focused almost exclusively on visual signals and ignored chemical communication despite the fact that many species rely on chemical signals for attracting mates. Female mate choice based on visual traits appears to be rare in lizards. However, the femoral glands of male lizards produce(More)
BACKGROUND Bacterial DNA due to bacterial translocation has been identified in noninfectious ascitic fluid samples. OBJECTIVE This study investigated the possible presence of bacterial DNA in the pleural fluid of patients with pleural effusions of noninfectious origin, using a highly sensitive PCR-based method. METHODS Pleural fluid samples from 175(More)
Prey often respond to predators by increasing refuge use, but some refuges may expose prey to other types of predators. Because predators are not always visible inside refuges, their chemical stimuli may provide early warning of their presence. However, in ectotherms, chemosensory detection of predators may be thermally dependent. Lizards often hide in cold(More)
Results of this PET-O15 water activation study confirm the implication of supplementary motor areas during time estimation tasks. They also show that the cortical-subcortical network associated with temporal processing is impaired in schizophrenia. Following recent proposals of time dynamic networks, this impairment may consist in a dysfunctional imbalance(More)
Deficits in sustained attention have been frequently described in schizophrenia. The neuroanatomical basis reported previously have included altered levels of activation in cingulate and prefrontal cortex, but the contribution of further regions remains unclear. We explored the full neuroanatomy underlying the sustained attentional deficits observed in(More)
Locomotor performance of lizards and its relationship to the ecology and morphology of the forms concerned has been well studied recently. Asymmetry of limbs might make the body unstable and make performance less effective. However, their effects on terrestrial locomotion remain almost unexplored. In this article, the escape performance of the lizard(More)
Lateralization in ectotherms is now as well studied as in endotherms. Bias in eye use seems widespread, particularly in several ectotherms, most of them having lateral eyes. Several studies evidenced that the right eye/left hemisphere is involved in predatory behaviour and food searching while the left eye/right hemisphere seems to control predator(More)
The aim of this study was to obtain acoustic correlates to vocal quality of a group of men and women with and without voice disorders, based on evaluations of a group of judges experienced in the field of vocal rehabilitation. In male subjects, perceptual evaluation of normal, hoarse and rough voice qualities was related to the following acoustic features:(More)
BACKGROUND In spite that chemoreception is important in sexual selection for many animals, such as reptiles, the mechanisms that confer reliability to chemical signals are relatively unknown. European green lizards (Lacerta viridis) have substantial amounts of α-tocopherol ( = vitamin E) in their femoral secretions. Because vitamin E is metabolically(More)