Pilar López

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Keywords: Mathematical modelling Complex adaptive system Evolutionary algorithm Daisyworld Cmasispecies This paper presents a model of a population of error-prone self-replicative species (replicators) that interact with its environment. The population evolves by natural selection in an environment whose change is caused by the evolutionary process itself.(More)
Several triterpenic derivatives, with the A-ring functionalized, were semisynthesized from oleanolic and maslinic acids. The reactivities of sulfites, sulfate, and epoxides in these triterpene compounds were investigated under different reaction conditions. Moreover, contracted A-ring triterpenes (five-membered rings) were obtained, by different treatments(More)
—Some triterpenic compounds modified in C-ring were semi-synthesised from oleanolic acid contained in the solid waste of olive-oil pressing. The corresponding esters of oleanolic and maslinic acids rendered products with a diene system, which led to oleantrienes resembling previtamin D 2 by an electrocyclic reaction. Chemical and photochemical isomerization(More)
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