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Metal chelation is considered a rational therapeutic approach for interdicting Alzheimer's amyloid pathogenesis. At present, enhancing the targeting and efficacy of metal-ion chelating agents through(More)
A mouse metallotbionein (MT) 1 expression system has been constructed that renders recombinant MT as a high purity Zn-coordinated protein. Spectral changes in absorption and circular dichroism(More)
We report the synthesis and characterization of a Homarus americanus MT-cDNA (MTH) through retrotranscription of MTH-mRNA from metal-injected lobsters. Heterologous Escherichia coli expression in(More)
Genetic engineering, coupled with spectroscopic analyses, has enabled the metal binding properties of the alpha and beta subunits of mouse metallothionein 1 (MT) to be characterized. A heterologous(More)
The development of new strategies to find commercial molecules with promising biochemical features is a main target in the field of biomedicine chemistry. In this work we present an in silico-based(More)