Pilar Castreño

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Multivalency plays a pivotal role in biological recognition, particularly at protein-protein and protein-carbohydrate interaction sites. Scaffolds of diverse structure, flexibility, and valency are gaining increasing biomedical importance in the development of artificial multivalent ligands for these interfaces. Relevant examples range from small C(4)(More)
An emissive terbium complex has been conjugated to a C12 chain, Lys-Arg7, Arg7, a tetraguanidinium cation and human serum albumin; two-photon excitation at 720 nm facilitated microscopy studies revealing cell localisation profiles with the oligo-guanidinium conjugate localising in mitochondria but causing apoptotic cell death (IC(50)12 microM), the(More)
[reaction: see text]. A new route for the synthesis of epoxyallylsilanes bearing the phenyldimethylsilyl group is reported that involves silylcupration of allene, conjugate addition to enones, and sulfur-ylide-mediated epoxidation. The Lewis acid-catalyzed cyclization of these substrates is presented. The expected normal products derived from 5-exo and/or(More)
A useful strategy for cycloheptane annulations from oxo- and epoxyallylsilanes, prepared by silylcupration of allenes, has been developed, and their application to the stereoselective synthesis of 4-methylenecycloheptan-1-ols is of great potential in the construction of seven-membered ring natural products presented.
Polycationic oligo(chiral bicyclic guanidines) constitute useful non-peptidic penetrating agents for cell uptake and protein surface recognition. We report herein improved and selective procedures for the preparation of oligoguanidinium scaffolds linked through thioether bonds, with similar or different groups and functions at both ends of the chain. Two(More)
A simple solid-phase synthesis of thioether-linked chiral bicyclic guanidinium oligomers for cell internalization purposes has been developed. The approach is based on a Merrifield-like peptide synthesis on Rinkamide-p-methylbenzhydrylamine resin functionalized with Cys(methoxytrityl). A difunctionalized bicyclic guanidinium synthon, bearing both(More)
tert-Butyldiphenylsilylcopper reacts with allene to give an allylsilane-vinylcopper intermediate which upon treatment with alpha,beta-unsaturated ketones leads to allylsilane containing ketones resulting from conjugate addition. These oxoallylsilanes bearing the bulky tert-butyldiphenylsilyl group undergo highly selective intramolecular cyclizations when(More)
A novel highly stereoselective spiro-cyclopropanation reaction from oxoallylsilanes is described. Oxoallylsilanes are readily obtained by silylcupration of allene followed by conjugate addition to enones. The former oxoallylsilanes undergo a tandem cyclization-cyclopropanation reaction when treated with CH2I2/Me3Al, leading to hydroxylated polycyclic(More)
[reaction: see text] Epoxyallylsilanes bearing the bulky tert-butyldiphenylsilyl group undergo an uncommon tandem rearrangement-cyclization process upon treatment with Lewis acids. Two pathways for the carbonyl ene reaction are observed: one leading to allylsilane-cyclohexanols when the epoxyallylsilane (28-31) is nonsubstituted, 2-, or 4-monosubstituted(More)
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