Pilar Caridad Acosta

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D-003 is a mixture of very long chain aliphatic acids purified from sugar cane wax, wherein octacosanoic acid represents the major component. Previous experimental studies have shown that D-003 inhibits platelet aggregation in rodents. Also, its lowers total (TC) and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) in normocholesterolemic rabbits in a(More)
In the investigation of visual loss from anterior visual pathway disease, it is imperative to differentiate the infrequent compressive from the much more common noncompressive lesions. To determine how relatively low-cost, risk-free, but error-prone visual field examination (VF) and high-cost, risk-prone, but accurate CT Scan (CT) and cerebral angiography(More)
A strategy that selectively explores the vertical fixational meridian of the visual field was as sensitive as conventional quantitative Goldmann perimetry in detecting chiasmal hemianopic field defects, although it required only one quarter of the usual testing time. A trained but "masked" perimetrist, applying this abbreviated method to the examination of(More)
We assessed the accuracy of five office-based perimetric technicians in the examination of 14 patients with prechiasmal and chiasmal defects unknown to them. A pre-test followed by two days of instruction and supervised practice; the technicians were then retested on the same patients (post-test). An independent evaluator scored their results. The(More)
The accuracy of a variety of finger and color confrontation tests in identifying chiasmal and optic nerve visual field defects was assessed in patients whose field defects had been established beforehand by a conventional achromatic kinetic technique on the Goldmann perimeter. Kinetic and static finger confrontation methods identified an average of 42% of(More)
The authors present an algorithm, or sequential strategy, for the performance and interpretation of visual fields. Based on the principle that particular areas of the visual field are relatively vulnerable and that particular defect configurations are relatively more diagnostic, the strategy proposes certain "core maneuvers" for all initial examinations,(More)
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