Pilar Beatriz Garcia-Allende

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A new spectral processing technique designed for application in the on-line detection and classification of arc-welding defects is presented in this paper. A noninvasive fiber sensor embedded within a TIG torch collects the plasma radiation originated during the welding process. The spectral information is then processed in two consecutive stages. A(More)
Breast tumors are blindly identified using Principal (PCA) and Independent Component Analysis (ICA) of localized reflectance measurements. No assumption of a particular theoretical model for the reflectance needs to be made, while the resulting features are proven to have discriminative power of breast pathologies. Normal, benign and malignant breast tissue(More)
Plasma optical spectroscopy is widely employed in on-line welding diagnostics. The determination of the plasma electron temperature, which is typically selected as the output monitoring parameter, implies the identification of the atomic emission lines. As a consequence, additional processing stages are required with a direct impact on the real time(More)
The impact of digestive diseases, which include disorders affecting the oropharynx and alimentary canal, ranges from the inconvenience of a transient diarrhoea to dreaded conditions such as pancreatic cancer, which are usually fatal. Currently, the major limitation for the diagnosis of such diseases is sampling error because, even in the cases of rigorous(More)
A surgeon-guided independent component analysis from optical reflectance measurements is proposed for breast tumor delineation. Independent Component Analysis is first applied to extract the most relevant features from local measures of broadband reflectance and then a tumor probability indicator is obtained and provided utilizing surgeon assistance to(More)
A non-destructive technique for the detection of non desirable material, or defects, in an industrial raw material chain has been developed. The system incorporates a hyperspectral imaging spectrograph able to register simultaneously the Vis-NIR reflected spectrum of the material under study along all the points of an image line. This system can be fast(More)
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