Pik-Yee Yip

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Recently the development of Distributed Video Coding (DVC) has provided the promising theory support to realize the infrastructure of Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network (WMSN), which composed of autonomous hardware for capturing and transmission of quality audiovisual content. The implementation of DVC in WMSN can better solve the problem of energy(More)
Stereoscopic video coding research has received considerable interest over the past decade as many 3D displays have been developed. Unfortunately, the vast amount of multimedia content needed to transmit or store a stereo image pair or video sequence has hindered its use in commercial applications. As H.264 offers significantly enhanced compression and a "(More)
In recent years, wavelet-based image and video coding systems that utilize a wide range of spatial-temporal-SNR scalability with state-of-the-art coding performance has been proposed in the literature. The strong market acceptance of the new scalable technology stems from advances in network technology as well as various requirements from terminal users(More)
In this paper, an efficient error resilience scheme aiming to give priority protection to certain area such as region of interest (ROI) in frame based on Wyner-Ziv(WZ) coding for wavelet based video transmission is proposed. By utilizing additional WZ coding, all the corresponding wavelet coefficients related to ROI will be specially protected during(More)
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