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Power line communication is becoming important as a leading technology in Smart Grid applications. This paper presents a new system to reduce the power consumption of the power line modems, implementing a zero-power stand-by feature. The incoming wake-up signal is as simple as a PLC frame and its associated energy is used to supply the wake-up logic. The(More)
† This paper is an extended version of our paper published in IEEE-EESMS 2015, Title " Model of scalable future consumer grid with residential power routing ". Abstract: The penetration of various types of renewable sources and on-site storage devices have recently focused attention towards DC power distribution in consumer grids to achieve the target of(More)
One of the main challenges of the smart grid applications is relying on efficient communication infrastructure and service. Important applications, such as smart lighting, use Power line communication (PLC) on the pre-existing infrastructure. Nevertheless, this protocol is not energy efficient when communication is sporadic. In this paper, we propose a(More)
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