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Oxidative free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) are able to affect the cellularity of the human trabecular meshwork (HTM). These findings suggest that intraocular pressure increase, which characterises most glaucomas, is related to oxidative degenerative processes affecting the HTM and specifically its endothelial cells. Much evidence indicates(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To determine the relationship between weight-loss and pulmonary function indexes, focusing on forced expiratory flows (ie, FEV(1), forced expiratory flow at 50% of vital capacity [FEF(50)], forced expiratory flow at 75% of vital capacity, and forced expiratory flow at 25 to 75% of vital capacity [FEF(25--75)]). Specifically, to determine(More)
Isoenzyme analysis was used to characterize 47 isolates ofTrichinella nelsoni from Europe (EUR) and two from Kenya and Tanzania (AFR). In all, 27 isoenzymes showed polymorphism within the species. The EUR parasites, isolated from domestic, synanthropic, sylvatic animals and man, showed isoenzymatic profiles different from those exhibited by AFR parasites(More)
BACKGROUND Atrioventricular (AV) node vagal stimulation (AVNVS) has recently emerged as a novel approach to controlling AV dromotropic function. Animal studies have demonstrated that selective epicardial AVNVS is effective in controlling ventricular rate (VR) acutely and in the long term. Endocardial AVNVS has been shown to significantly reduce VR acutely(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical cardiac revascularization produces a high degree of systemic inflammation and the secretion of several cytokines. Intensive postoperative inflammation may increase the incidence of postoperative atrial fibrillation and favor organ dysfunctions. No data documenting the anti-inflammatory properties of epicardial vagal ganglionated plexus(More)
BACKGROUND The relationship between obesity, impaired respiratory function and weight loss is established. OBJECTIVE Some aspects need further elucidation: the different impact of the pathological modifications of body compartments (total and regional fat mass and lean body mass) on respiratory function, the choice of a restricted diet, the relationship(More)
This paper describes an Operating System approach to the problem of delivering low latency high bandwidth communications for PC clusters running a public domain OS like Linux and connected by standard, oo-the-shelf networks like Fast-Ethernet. The PARMA 2 project has the main goal of designing the new lightweight protocol suite PRP, in order to drastically(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE QT and T(peak)-T(end) (Te) intervals are associated with sudden cardiac death in patients with chronic heart failure (CHF). We studied age-dependent influence on short-term temporal dispersion of these two variables in patients with postischemic CHF. METHOD We grouped 75 CHF and 53 healthy control subjects into three age subsets: ≤(More)