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This paper describes an Operating System approach to the problem of delivering low latency high bandwidth communications for PC clusters running a public domain OS like Linux and connected by standard, oo-the-shelf networks like Fast-Ethernet. The PARMA 2 project has the main goal of designing the new lightweight protocol suite PRP, in order to drastically(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE QT and T(peak)-T(end) (Te) intervals are associated with sudden cardiac death in patients with chronic heart failure (CHF). We studied age-dependent influence on short-term temporal dispersion of these two variables in patients with postischemic CHF. METHOD We grouped 75 CHF and 53 healthy control subjects into three age subsets: ≤(More)
We present a novel portfolio selection technique, which replaces the traditional maximization of the utility function with a probabilistic approach inspired by statistical physics. We no longer seek the single global extremum of some chosen utility function, but instead reinterpret the latter as a probability distribution of 'optimal' portfolios, and select(More)
Sudden cardiac death is the main cause of mortality in patients affected by chronic heart failure (CHF) and with history of myocardial infarction. No study yet investigated the intra-QT phase spectral coherence as a possible tool in stratifying the arrhythmic susceptibility in patients at risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD). We, therefore, assessed possible(More)
In this paper, we present a system called DONOW Database on Network of Workstation, that is an example of an implementation and maintenance of a low cost distributed database without performances penalties. The system has a three tier architecture based on a client, a service and a data layer. The client l a yer allows local and remote users to interact(More)
We propose a novel portfolio selection approach that manages to ease some of the problems that characterise standard expected utility maximisation. The optimal portfolio is no longer defined as the extremum of a suitably chosen utility function: the latter, instead, is reinterpreted as the logarithm of a probability distribution for optimal portfolios and(More)
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