Pietro Rigo

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UNLABELLED PET studies have demonstrated bilateral temporo-parietal hypoperfusion and hypometabolism in probable and definite Alzheimer's disease (AD), a pattern that may help differentiate AD from other dementias. METHODS To evaluate the diagnostic power of cerebral metabolic distribution patterns for "cortical" degenerative dementias, PET scans obtained(More)
We demonstrate real-time, longitudinal, label-free tracking of apoptotic and necrotic cells in living tissue using a multimodal microscope. The integrated imaging platform combines multi-photon microscopy (MPM, based on two-photon excitation fluorescence), optical coherence microscopy (OCM), and fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM).(More)
Let L be a linear space of real random variables on the measurable space (Ω, A). Conditions for the existence of a probability P on A such that E P |X| < ∞ and E P (X) = 0 for all X ∈ L are provided. Such a P may be finitely additive or σ-additive, depending on the problem at hand, and may also be requested to satisfy P ∼ P 0 or P P 0 where P 0 is a(More)
Let L be a linear space of real bounded random variables on the probability space (Ω, A, P0). A finitely additive probability P on A such that P ∼ P0 and EP (X) = 0 for each X ∈ L is called EMFA (equivalent martingale finitely additive probability). In this note, EMFA's are investigated in case P0 is atomic. Existence of EMFA's is characterized and various(More)
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