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Gods' intervention and epiphany in Sophocles
As I have illustrated in three recent papers, the Iliad and the Odyssey use different emphases in presenting the physical figure of the gods when the divine beings intervene among mortals and areExpand
The Poetry of the Theogony
The first nine lines of the proem Theogony explain in what way the religious material of the text becomes a poetic event and "foregrounds" its poetic nature. The Theogony tells its story through theExpand
Theology and Poetics in the Iliad
The cautious remark of this exergue certainly also applies to the Homeric poems, especially when many modern scholars consider the treatment of the gods in the Iliad to be essentially a literaryExpand
Between narrative and catalogue [Life and death of the poem]
Between Narrative and Catalogue (pp. 5-24) ; Dans cet article, P. Pucci analyse la scene de reconnaissance entre Ulysse et son pere Laerte. La rencontre met en scene d'un cote le potager que le vieuxExpand