Pietro Perlo

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In this work, to improve the mechanical stability of electrodes based on P450scc for LDL-cholesterol detection and measure, anodic porous alumina (APA) was used. This inorganic matrix, which pores can be tuned in diameter modifying the synthesis parameters, was realized with cavities 275 nm wide and 160 microm deep (as demonstrated with AFM and SEM(More)
This paper presents a novel four-wheel-drive electric vehicle layout consisting of one on-board electric drivetrain per axle. Each drivetrain includes a simplified clutch-less two-speed transmission system and an open differential to transmit the torque to the wheels. This drivetrain layout allows eight different gear state combinations at the vehicle(More)
Green transport for improving air quality is essential and urgent goal for reaching a healthy environment. In towns with large fleets of public vehicles, technology transfer from standard into new and better solutions requires, in general, time and great investments. This paper presents a quick retrofit for conventional buses in urban transport in order to(More)
The use of metal 2D subwavelength structures (SWSs) is a promising solution for all those applications where a selective emission from a thermal source is desirable, e.g., photovoltaic and blackbody emission. The investigation of the SWS's photonic bandgap properties is challenging, especially for the infrared and visible spectra, where the fabrication(More)
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