Pietro Massei

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Forty-three female patients with systemic sclerosis divided into subgroups based on the extent of skin involvement and the presence of calcinosis, and 50 sex and age-matched healthy controls were investigated for bone mineral density (BMD) on the basis of radial (dual photon absorptiometry, Osteograph, NIM), lumbar, and total body measurements (dual energy(More)
The applicability to red blood cells of two widely used methods for spectrophotometric assay of superoxide dismutase activity has been tested, in view of the demand for routine screening of the level of this enzyme in various circumstances of hematological interest. The nitro blue tetrazolium reduction method was found to be inapplicable, even after removal(More)
Rhinophyma, which represents the end stage of rosacea, is characterized by sebaceous hyperplasia, fibrosis follicular plugging, and telangiectasia. Although it is commonly labeled as an aesthetic problem, it may also determine airway obstruction and because of its nature to hide the growth of tumors. Due to the increasing number of reports of nonmelanoma(More)
Gynecomastia is a size increase of man's breast, due to non neoplastic ductal and glandular stroma proliferation. Prevalent ductal proliferation defines the "florid" type, while prevalent stroma increase defines the "quiescent" type. Pseudo-gynecomastia is a non glandular volume increase. Sonography is able to recognize the different parts of normal male(More)
Primary malignant melanoma involving the nasal and paranasal sinus mucosa is a rare neoplasm, accounting for less than 1% of all melanomas. Being more aggressive than its cutaneous counterpart, it carries a poor prognosis. We report a case arising from the nasal septum mucosae in a 78-year-old man. We describe clinical features, diagnosis, and treatment of(More)
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