Pietro M. Reviglio

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In this second paper of a series of papers based on the FIRST and SDSS surveys we investigate the evolution of galaxy morphology and nuclear activity in the look-back time of the SDSS (∼ 2 Gyrs) for a sample of 150000 galaxies in the local universe. We demonstrate an evolution in the strength of the radio power and the spectroscopic emission-lines typical(More)
Analysis of the frequency and physical properties of galaxies with starformation and AGN activity in different environments in the local universe is a cornerstone for understanding structure formation and galaxy evolution. We have built a new multiwavelength catalog for galaxies in a complete redshift survey (the 15R Survey), gathering information on their(More)
In a series of papers based on the FIRST and Sloan Digital Sky Surveys (SDSS), we investigate the local population of star-forming galaxies and Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) in order to clarify the link between these two types of activity, to explore the dependence of their features on the properties of their host galaxies, and to examine the role of the(More)
In this third of a series of papers concerning active galaxies in the FIRST and Sloan Digital Sky Surveys, we analyze the spectroscopic and radio properties of a sample of narrow-line Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN), broad-line Seyfert I galaxies, and Quasars in the local universe in order to investigate the dependence of their activity on the mass, spin and(More)
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