Pietro Limardo

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the incidence of pharyngocutaneous fistula after pharyngolaryngectomy with and without a Montgomery salivary stent. DESIGN Retrospective analysis of patients with factors that predispose to the development of pharyngocutaneous fistula (i.e. disease extending to the supraglottic region, base of the tongue or pyriform sinuses, and/or(More)
Recent reports have focused on a possible association between migraine and Menière's disease; patients suffering from Menière's disease present a higher rate of migraine. In some cases, the clinical features of migraine-associated vertigo may mimic the presentation of Menière's disease. The present report focuses on two cases of females with recurrent(More)
Nose has an important role in the aesthetics of face. It is easy to understand the reason of the major interest that has revolved around the correction of its imperfections for several centuries, or even from the ancient times. In the last decade, all the surgical or medical minimal-invasive techniques evolved exponentially. The techniques of rejuvenation(More)
Schwannomas are rare and slow growing tumours, arising from Schwann cells which provide myelin; less than 1 % of them degenerate into a malignant state. Although most studies are based on acoustic schwannomas, the majority of these tumours are non-vestibular and extracranial. Up to 45 % of them can be localised in head and neck districts, where they(More)
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