Pietro Giribone

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The paper outline the evolution of container terminal requirements for simulation and the potential of new advanced techniques in the integration with these aspects; the authors present application examples and experimental results that maximized the impact of these new concepts in real complex port realities.
This work is part of an Italian National Research Project embracing different aspects of a short life-cycle products supply chains: its modeling, its resiliency and its competitiveness. In fact, this particular kind of products, like fashion goods, toys or electronic devices, have different characteristics compared with long-medium life cycle products and(More)
The paper proposes an innovative approach for layout reorganization based on the use of genetic algorithms directly integrated in simulation models. The approach is tested in a real case study involving automotive production. The system has been implemented in Java, thus providing a good opportunity for testing the practical efficiency of this simulation(More)
Large Corporate and Small and Medium Enterprises are still going through deep innovation and re-engineering processes. Organisation should became leaner and more efficient. Even planning and scheduling should be integrated in order to yield feasible and robust plan in an automatic way by continuous planning, from forecasting to daily line load. We present a(More)
The proposed implementation is a monitor system able to train operators for on-line real time manufacturing control in order to analyze the performance of a production process. This system integrates a simulation model and a statistical analysis module. The architecture has been designed to be able to operate in a real time distributed environment, by using(More)
The work is focused on the study of a supply chain related to short life-cycle products, that are goods produced and sold for a limited period of time like fashion goods, electronic devices, health care service and particular foodstuffs. The case study belongs to the last one category and regards a particular good produced by an important Italian food(More)
This article proposes a model to evaluate hazardous material fallout. The problem is particularly pertinent since the transport, storage and production of this type of product often occur close to inhabited areas and, in case of accidents, it is important to correctly estimate the lines of action and risk areas. This model can also be used to evaluate the(More)