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Evaluation of toxicity, genotoxicity and environmental risk of simulated textile and tannery wastewaters with a battery of biotests.
Textile and tannery wastewaters are complex mixtures of toxic pollutants and only a battery of ecotoxicity tests can assess their potential environmental impact and the actual effectiveness ofExpand
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Scale-up of a bioprocess for textile wastewater treatment using Bjerkandera adusta.
Twelve basidiomycetes were investigated for their ability to degrade 13 industrial dyes and to treat four model wastewaters from textile and tannery industry, defined on the basis of dischargedExpand
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Cunninghamella elegans biomass optimisation for textile wastewater biosorption treatment: an analytical and ecotoxicological approach
The effect of pre-treatments on the composition of Cunninghamella elegans biomass and on its biosorption yields in the treatment of simulated textile wastewaters was investigated. The inactivatedExpand
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Fungal Biosorption, An Innovative Treatment for the Decolourisation and Detoxification of Textile Effluents
Textile effluents are among the most difficult-to-treat wastewaters, due to their considerable amount of recalcitrant and toxic substances. Fungal biosorption is viewed as a valuable additionalExpand
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