Pietro Galinetto

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Electronic excitations of condensed phase eumelanin aggregates are investigated with soft X-ray spectroscopies. Resonant photoemission data indicate that mechanisms of charge delocalization may occur when electrons are excited about 3 eV above the first unoccupied electronic level. An average, lower limit value of 1.6 fs was estimated for the lifetime of(More)
Nanoparticles for biomedical use must be cytocompatible with the biological environment that they are exposed to. Current research has focused on the surface functionalization of nanoparticles by using proteins, polymers, thiols and other organic compounds. Here we show that inorganic nanoparticles such as titanium oxide can be coated by pyrolytic carbon(More)
Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) were grafted for the first time by γ-radiation onto silica microspheres in the presence of polybutadiene (PB) as the linking agent, obtaining a novel hybrid material with chromatographic properties, with an alternative approach to the existing procedures. The synthesis involves the one-pot γ-radiation-induced grafting(More)
This study deals with the effects of 5 and 10% chromium additions on the transport and structural properties of Li3VO4. The Cr substitution is easily obtained without impurity phases and does not affect the room- and high-temperature host crystal structure, as evidenced by X-ray powder diffraction and micro-Raman analysis. The EPR signals are interpreted in(More)
Encapsulated Fe3O4 nanoparticles of average diameters d = 12 nm are obtained by coprecipitation, in the presence of 2-methoxyethanol hemiester of poly(maleic anhydride-alt-butyl vinyl ether) 5% grafted with poly(ethylene glycol) (VP-MAG nanoparticles). A complete characterization of nude and encapsulated nanoparticles through structural techniques (namely(More)
As is well-known, the character of the π orbitals is of paramount importance for the chemical properties of the carbon allotropes and their derived compounds. While at equilibrium the nature of these orbitals is well understood, their photoinduced nonequilibrium behavior is under investigation. Here, we demonstrate that when a UV-laser pulse excites a(More)
AIM We investigate the effect of four different types of sterilization procedures on the structural properties and morphological features of single-wall carbon nanotube samples approachable by micro-Raman spectroscopy. Sterilization procedures (treatment in humid heat autoclave or ethylene oxide and irradiation with gamma-rays or UV light) are necessary in(More)
Pure and doped Ba(6)Ti(2)Nb(8)O(30) (BTN), obtained by substituting M = Cr, Mn, or Fe on the Ti site (Ba(6)Ti(2-x) M(x)Nb(8)O(30), x = 0.06 and 0.18) and Y and Fe on the Ba and Ti sites, respectively (Ba(6-x)Y(x)Ti(2-x)Fe(x)Nb(8)O(30), x= 0.18), are synthesized. The influence of cation doping on the local structure, the cation oxidation state, and the(More)
Single crystals of TiO(2) rutile doped with Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, and Cu were grown with the flux method in a Na(2)B(4)O(7) melt. The samples, checked in their structural and phase homogeneity by x-ray diffraction and micro-Raman spectroscopy, were single-phase needle-shaped crystals several millimetres long. Paramagnetic and ferromagnetic behaviours at room(More)