Pietro E G Foglia

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The infrastructure to support electronic commerce is one of the areas where more processing power is needed. A multiprocessor system can offer advantages for running electronic commerce applications. The memory performance of an electronic commerce server, i.e. a system running electronic commerce applications, is evaluated in the case of shared-bus(More)
BACKGROUND Potassium and magnesium depletion prolongs the duration of the action potential of the cardiomyocyte, which predisposes to ventricular arrhythmias. In addition, potassium or magnesium depletion might impair cardiac performance and facilitate coronary artery thrombosis. METHODS Continuous 24-h ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring,(More)
  • P Foglia, C A Prete, M Solinas, F Panicucci
  • 2008
We analyze how applications use banks in a large shared CMP L2 D-NUCA cache depending on their locality and we define a power consumption model. Then we develop a mechanism to dynamically turn on and off a bankcluster in order to reduce the energy consumption. Our system is a large shared L2 D-NUCA cache in CMP environment (Figure 1). In this architecture(More)
  • A Bardine, M Comparetti, G Gabrielli, P Foglia, C A Prete
  • 2008
In a Way Adaptable D-NUCA cache the number of active ways is dynamically varied, according to the needs of the running application, resulting in a reduction of the static power consumption without affecting performance. Because of the need of constraining the power consumption when powering up of a way, in an actual implementation of a Way Adaptable D-NUCA(More)
  • A Bardine, P Foglia, G Gabrielli, C A Prete
  • 2007
D-NUCA caches are on-chip cache memories characterized by multi-bank partitioning and data migration. They exhibit high hit rates while keeping the access latency low. As counterpart, such caches are affected by high static and dynamic power consumption. In this work we present a preliminary power consumption evaluation of a D-NUCA cache. Results show the(More)
  • P Foglia, C A Prete, R Sodini, M Solinas
  • 2006
Today companies have to deal with the problem of improving their services by providing new functionalities, due to customer requests, marketplace needs and rapidly changing technologies. Old systems can't be fully replaced because they represent a reliable resource on which companies are still basing their core-business, so there is a need to extend(More)
A 50 year old righthanded woman had a sudden attack of disorientation in time and loss of memory. On admission she was found to have a left pyramidal hemisyndrome and a small hypodensity in the right thalamus on CT scanning. Neuropsychological examination revealed a normal short term verbal memory and some impairment of episodic long term memory, which(More)
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