Pietro Di Giuseppe

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Twenty-four patients (9 M and 15 F, age range 51–82) with polymyalgia rheumatica receiving 6-methylprednisolone for a period of 9 months (16 mg/daily/two weeks, 14 mg/daily/two weeks, 12 mg/daily/1 month, 10 mg/daily/1 month, 8 mg/daily/1 month, 6 mg/daily/1 month and 4 mg/daily for the last four months) were randomly assigned to receive either 250HD3 (35(More)
A case of reconstruction after penoscrotal skin avulsion is described. Penile coverage was gained by two full-thickness grafts helicoidally placed to avoid scar retraction. After subcutaneous implantation of the testes, scrotal reconstruction was carried out in two stages with expanded axial flaps from the abdominal region. The procedure assures flap(More)
Compression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel can be produced by a variety of factors, including fractures, metabolic disturbances, rheumatoid arthritis or anatomical anomalies. When it is not possible to identify a specific cause, the term ”idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome” is used. Although this disease is very common, its pathophysiology is still(More)
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