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A semantics to a small fragment of Java capturing the new memory model (JMM) described in the Language Specification is given by combining operational, denotational and axiomatic techniques in a novel semantic framework. The operational steps (specified in the form of SOS) construct denotational models (configuration structures) and are constrained by the(More)
A structural operational semantics of a signiicant sublan-guage of Java is presented, including the running and stopping of threads, thread interaction via shared memory, synchronization by monitoring and notiication, and sequential control mechanisms such as exception handling and return statements. The operational semantics is paramet-ric in the notion of(More)
In the present work, the CH4 sink associated to Italian soils was calculated by using a process-based model controlled by gas diffusivity and microbial activity, which was run by using a raster-based geographical information system. Georeferenced data included land cover CLC2000, soil properties from the European Soil Database, climatic data from the(More)
A structural operational semantics of a non trivial sublan-guage of Java is presented. This language includes dynamic creation of objects, blocks, and synchronization of threads. First we introduce a simple operational description of the sequential part of the language, where the memory is treated as an algebra with suitably axiomatized operations. Then,(More)
We investigate synchronized hyperedge replacement (SHR) as general framework for distributed programming and system design. We propose a slender version of SHR which dramaticaly reduces the mathematical overhead of the original proposal [5] and use it to interpret the distributed CCS [7] and the calculus of Mobile Ambients [1] in a uniform semantic(More)
We consider network models where information items flow from a source to a sink node. We start with a model where routing is constrained by energy available on nodes in finite supply (like in Smartdust) and efficiency is related to energy consumption. We characterize graph topologies ensuring that every saturating flow under every energy-to-node assignment(More)
The speciication for the object-oriented concurrent language Java 3] is rather loose w.r.t. the interaction of shared memory and the local working memories of diierent threads, in order to allow for diier-ent implementations. The Java speciication book describes two kinds of memories, a \normal" one and a more liberal memory, to which in certain situations(More)