Pietro Ceddia

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Recent studies have highlighted the existence of discrete microdomains at the cell surface that are distinct from caveolae. The function of these microdomains remains unknown. However, recent evidence suggests that they may participate in a subset of transmembrane signaling events. In hematopoietic cells, these low density Triton-insoluble (LDTI)(More)
A survey was carried out to determine the prevalence of anisakid nematode larvae in European anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) fished off the Tyrrhenian coast of central Italy. From February through July 2012, 1,490 specimens of E. encrasicolus caught in three different fishing areas (off Civitavecchia, Anzio, and Gaeta in the northern, central, and southern(More)
The present study reports the modulation of basement membrane (BM) components, laminin, entactin, and type IV collagen, expression in prepubertal rat Sertoli cell by the thyroid hormone T3. Immunocytochemical studies of permeabilized Sertoli cells in culture showed that T3 treatment (10[-7] M for 24 h) increased the number of cells staining positive for(More)
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