Pietro Casella

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This paper describes MAgentA (Musical Agent Architecture), which is an Agent that automatically composes background music in real time using the emotional state of the environment within which it is embedded. Its goal is to generate a " film-like music " output for a virtual environment emphasizing the dramatic aspects of such environment. The approach(More)
Groundwaters may act as sinks or sources of organic and inorganic solutes, depending on the relative magnitude of biochemical mobilizing processes and groundwater-surface water exchanges. The objective of this study was to link the lithological and hydrogeological gradients to the aquatic microbial community structure in the transition from aquifer recharge(More)
An efficient use of background music is a very powerful tool to achieve high levels of immersion and to induce moods within interactive settings. Although this property is clear, the way in which action and music should be connected, so as to have such an efficient emotion delivery tool, is still to be fully understood. An action-music mediation framework(More)
As many as 14-21 million people worldwide (0.3-0.5% of the population, aged 15-65 years) use cocaine [1]. In Europe, cocaine consumption has shown a 2-to 3-fold increase during the last 2 decades [2,3]; in Italy, lifetime cocaine experience among adults corresponds to 6.6% [4]. Cocaine use and headache share some common characteristics: present heavy global(More)
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