Pietro Carelli Reis de Oliveira Caltabiano

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In this work, NIH ImageJ plugins for extended depth-from-focus reconstructions (EDFR) based on spatial domain operations were compared and tested for usage optimization. Also, some preprocessing solutions for light microscopy image stacks were evaluated, suggesting a general routine for the ImageJ user to get reliable elevation maps from grayscale image(More)
Uncoated fracture surfaces of carbon-epoxy composites are investigated using a variable-pressure environmental scanning electron microscope (VP-ESEM), under optimized conditions for topographic description, image quality and sample preservation. Always using freeware or open source programs, parameters for low-voltage and low vacuum are stipulated with the(More)
The methodology for fracture analysis of polymeric composites with scanning electron microscopes (SEM) is still under discussion. Many authors prefer to use sputter coating with a conductive material instead of applying low-voltage (LV) or variable-pressure (VP) methods, which preserves the original surfaces. The present work examines the effects of sputter(More)
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