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In the light of the growing interest in food and food products obtained through organic and environmentally friendly techniques, the present work represents the first approach to the evaluation of the biological profile of some Sicilian honeys produced in purity by the local black honeybees. Samples exhibited up to 10 times more total phenolics and higher(More)
Here, we report the design of new analogues of spirooxoindolepyrrolidine nucleus as modulators of p53 activity. Compounds (3R,7aR)-6-(4-chlorobenzyl)-1H-spiro[imidazo[1,5-c]thiazole-3,3'-indoline]-2',5,7(6H,7aH)-trione (9c) and (3R,7aR)-5'-methyl-6-(3,4,5-trimethoxybenzyl)-1H-spiro[imidazo[1,5-c]thiazole-3,3'-indoline]-2',5,7(6H,7aH)-trione (10d) are the(More)
The urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor (uPAR) sustains cell migration through its capacity to promote pericellular proteolysis, regulate integrin function, and mediate chemotactic signaling in response to urokinase. We have characterized the early signaling events triggered by the Ser-Arg-Ser-Arg-Tyr (SRSRY) chemotactic uPAR sequence. Cell(More)
Differentiation of the physiological role of the melanocortin receptor 5 MC5R from that of other melanocortin receptors will require development of high affinity and selective antagonists. To date, a few synthetic antagonist ligands active at hMC5 receptor are available, but most do not have appreciable selectivity. With the aim to gain more potent and(More)
OBJECTIVE Obestatin is a newly discovered peptide encoded by the ghrelin gene whose biological functions are poorly understood. We investigated obestatin effect on survival of beta-cells and human pancreatic islets and the underlying signaling pathways. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS beta-Cells and human islets were used to assess obestatin effect on cell(More)
New arylthioindoles along with the corresponding ketone and methylene compounds were potent tubulin assembly inhibitors. As growth inhibitors of MCF-7 cells, sulfur derivatives were superior or sometimes equivalent to the ketones, while methylene derivatives were substantially less effective. Esters 24, 27-29, 36, 39, and 41 showed approximately 50% of(More)
The increasing resistance of bacteria and fungi to the available antibiotic/antimycotic drugs urges for a search for new anti-infective compounds with new modes of action. In line of this, natural CAMPs represent promising and attractive candidates. Special attention has been devoted to frog-skin temporins, because of their short size (10-14 residues long)(More)
Temporins are naturally occurring peptides with promising features, which could lead to the development of new drugs. Temporin-1Tl (TL) is the strongest antimicrobial peptide, but it is toxic on human erythrocytes and this fact makes the design of synthetic analogues with a higher therapeutic index vital.We studied the structure-activity relationships of a(More)
Several works have reported on the pharmaceutical usefulness of grape phytochemicals. Nevertheless, the scientific literature needs further studies to consider grape extracts as useful dietary supplements. The aim of the present work was to hypothesize for the first time the use of whole commercial red grape juices as food supplements potentially useful(More)
Cancer development and chemo-resistance are often due to impaired functioning of the p53 tumor suppressor through genetic mutation or sequestration by other proteins. In glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), p53 availability is frequently reduced because it binds to the Murine Double Minute-2 (MDM2) oncoprotein, which accumulates at high concentrations in tumor(More)