Pietro Bonfanti

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In this paper, in an attempt to reveal possible changes connected to natural or anthropogenic causes, the main results of hydrogeochemical monitoring carried out at Mount Etna are evaluated. We report on the salinity contents of the groundwaters that flow in fractured volcanics, which make up the flanks of the volcano. These waters, analyzed for major ion(More)
A theoretical model of a cotransport system in plasma membrane vesicles has been utilized for the analysis of the Na(+)-dependent L-alanine transport into plasma membrane vesicles purified from Yoshida ascites hepatoma (AH 130) cells in the exponential and stationary phases of growth. The analysis was performed by comparing the experimental curves with(More)
Water samples collected from public drinking water supplies in Sicily were analysed for electric conductivity and for their chloride, sulphate and nitrate contents. The samples were collected as uniformly as possible from throughout the Sicilian territory, with an average sampling density of about one sample for every 7,600 inhabitants. Chloride contents(More)
Ni silicide and germanosilicide formation with one-step and two-step rapid thermal annealing are compared in this study. The 1st annealing temperature for NiSi and Ni(Si/sub 1-x/Ge/sub x/) in two-step annealing process are investigated with sheet resistance measurements, X-ray diffraction and Auger election spectroscopy. Cross-sectional SEM shows the(More)
As the critical dimension goes down to sub micron range, salicide (self-aligned-silicide) technology has become a crucial step in the fabrication process of ultra-high-speed CMOS devices. Among salicides processes, nickel salicide is recently becoming an appealing candidate to replace the traditionally used TiSi/sub x/ and CoSi/sub x/ in aggressively scaled(More)
Using two line–strength indices, H+K(CaII) and ∆4000, sensible to the age of the stellar population, we analyze the correlations between the shape and the ‘galaxy age’ suggested by de Jong & Davies (1997) on the basis that discy galaxies have higher Hβ indices. By enlarging their sample with the present one, we find that the significance of the correlation(More)
In the present paper, to find the effective optimization of operation parameters in manufacturing, the gate dielectric nitridation in high-density plasma has been systematically studied by both theoretical and experimental methods. The experimental data are validated against the modeling results. Some plasma parameter correlation has been established to(More)
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