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The artificial compressibility method for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations is revived as a high order accurate numerical method (4th order in space and 2nd order in time). Similar to the lattice Boltzmann method, the mesh spacing is linked to the Mach number. The accuracy higher than that of the lattice Boltzmann method is achieved by exploiting(More)
The transport of water in nanoconfined geometries is different from bulk phase and has tremendous implications in nanotechnology and biotechnology. Here molecular dynamics is used to compute the self-diffusion coefficient D of water within nanopores, around nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes and proteins. For almost 60 different cases, D is found to scale(More)
We propose a consistent lattice Boltzmann equation (LBE) with baroclinic coupling between species and mixture dynamics to model the active scalar dynamics in multi-species mixtures. The proposed LBE model is directly derived from the linearized Boltzmann equations for mixtures and it has the following two distinctive features. First, it uses the(More)
This work represents a step towards reliable algorithms for reconstructing micro-morphology of electrode materials of high-temperature proton-exchange membrane fuel cells and for performing pore-scale simulations of fluid flow (including rarefaction effects). In particular, we developed a de-terministic model for a woven gas diffusion layer (GDL) and a(More)
Based on a recent scaling law of the water mobility under nanoconfined conditions, we envision novel strategies for precise modulation of water diffusion within membranes made of carbon nanotube arrays (CNAs). In a first approach, the water diffusion coefficient D may be tuned by finely controlling the size distribution of the pore size. In the second(More)
BACKGROUND Nanofluids are suspensions of nanoparticles and fibers which have recently attracted much attention because of their superior thermal properties. Nevertheless, it was proven that, due to modest dispersion of nanoparticles, such high expectations often remain unmet. In this article, by introducing the notion of nanofin, a possible solution is(More)