Pietro Alfano

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Visual perception involves both the high acuity of foveal vision and the wide scope of overlapping peripheral information. The role of peripheral vision in competent performance of the adult visuomotor activities of walking, reaching, and forming a cognitive map of a room was examined using goggles which limited the scope of the normal field of view to 9(More)
BACKGROUND Respiratory allergic symptoms impact on social life and school activities, influencing the patient's mood states. We evaluated the relationships between allergic respiratory diseases and depressive/anxious mood in a large sample of Italian middle school students, using the partial directed acyclic graph (P-DAG). METHODS We studied 1283 subjects(More)
Certain neuropsychological assessments of spatial ability assume that the processing of diagonality and nondiagonality of patterns is equivalent and that processing 2-D representations is equivalent to processing 3-D objects. The Stick Test and the Locomotor Maze Test also assume that successful performance requires the use of mental rotation. Normal adult(More)
Subjects in a prior study of complex learning often experienced difficulty in mastering the task because of an apparent reluctance to release one perceptual field and reconstrue the task on a higher cognitive level. It was hypothesized that were this the correct explanation, the faster learners would be more field independent on a measure of field(More)
AIM The aim of this research is to explore the psychical functioning in bipolar I or bipolar II disorder people through the analysis and comparison of their thought styles and defense patterns. METHODS 29 bipolar I and bipolar II people afferent to Palermo University Policlinical Psychriatic Hospital Department were selected during the whole 2009-2010(More)
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