Pietro Abate

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We present a tableau-based algorithm for deciding satisfiability for propositional dynamic logic (PDL) which builds a finite rooted tree with ancestor loops and passes extra information from children to parents to separate good loops from bad loops during backtracking. It is easy to implement, with potential for parallelisation, because it constructs a(More)
PURPOSE To assess whether entrainment of breathing (E) during exercise: 1) differed according to the test protocol in well-trained triathletes, and 2) improved ventilatory efficiency during exercise. METHODS Eight triathletes performed three incremental tests until exhaustion: while cycling (CE), while running at increasing grade and constant speed(More)
Because endurance exercise causes release of mediators and growth factors active on the bone marrow, we asked whether it might affect circulating hematopoietic progenitor cells (HPCs) in amateur runners [n = 16, age: 41.8 +/- 13.5 (SD) yr, training: 93.8 +/- 31.8 km/wk] compared with sedentary controls (n = 9, age: 39.4 +/- 10.2 yr). HPCs, plasma cortisol,(More)
BACKGROUND Inflammatory cells are increased in the airways of endurance athletes, but their role in causing exercise-induced respiratory symptoms and bronchoconstriction, or their possible long-term consequences, are uncertain. AIM To put the results of athlete studies in perspective, by analysing the pathogenesis of airway cell changes and their impact(More)
Maintenance of component-based software platforms often has to face rapid evolution of software components. Component dependencies, conflicts, and package managers with dependency solving capabilities are the key ingredients of prevalent software maintenance technologies that have been proposed to keep software installations synchronized with evolving(More)
The Tableau Workbench (TWB) is a generic framework for building automated theorem provers for arbitrary propositional logics. The TWB has a small core that defines its general architecture, some extra machinery to specify tableau-based provers and an abstraction language for expressing tableau rules. This language allows users to “cut and paste” tableau(More)
Upgrades in component based systems can disrupt other components. Being able to predict the possible consequence of an upgrade just by analysing inter-component dependencies can avoid errors and downtime. In this paper we precisely identify in a repository the components p whose upgrades force a large set of others components to be upgraded. We are also(More)