Pietro A. Ricci

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The authors report the unique case of an 8-day-old infant succumbing to heat stroke caused by an abnormal increase of the environmental temperature in an incubator. At postmortem examination, second-degree burns were detected, and macroscopic and microscopic findings were typical for a heat-related death. An immunohistochemical study was performed. At the(More)
Brugada Syndrome (BS) is a polygenic inherited cardiac disease characterized by life-threatening arrhythmias and high incidence of sudden death. In this study, two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2D-PAGE) coupled to mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) was used to investigate specific changes in the plasma proteome of BS patients and family members sharing the(More)
We report the case of a 70-year-old woman found dead in her apartment in the South of Italy in February 2011. The detailed data showed that the victim was affected by familiar-type paranoid schizophrenia. This finding was confirmed by the discovery of antipsychotic and tricyclic antidepressant drugs in the house and the deposition of her psychiatric(More)
In this study the authors report a new method to determine estazolam in blood and urine by high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). This compound is a triazolobenzodiazepine and shows an interesting psychopharmacological activity. The extraction from biological fluids was carried out using a mixture of ethylenechloride, methylenechloride, and(More)
A sensitive and rapid method for the analysis of trazodone (TZD) and its metabolite, 1-(m-chlorophenyl)piperazine (m-CPP), in the serum and urine of rabbits treated with the drug was developed. The assay requires extraction from the biological fluids with adequately buffered organic solvents followed by HPLC. The assay allows good reproducibility, fair(More)
Scuba diving is an increasingly common recreational activity. We describe the physiopathology of barotrauma in two cases where death was caused by pulmonary barotrauma while diving. An inspection and autopsy were carried out in both cases. The autopsy data were supported by post-mortem radiological investigation. Histological and toxicological analyses were(More)
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