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<i>Task-Oriented Programming</i> (TOP) is a novel programming paradigm for the construction of distributed systems where users work together on the internet. When multiple users collaborate, they need to interact with each other frequently. TOP supports the definition of tasks that react to the progress made by others. With TOP, complex multi-user(More)
Software testing is a labor-intensive and hence expensive, yet heavily used technique to control quality. In this paper we introduce Gast, a fully automatic test-tool. Properties from first order logic can be expressed in the system, Gast automatically generates appropriate test-data, evaluates the property for these values, and analyzes the test-results.(More)
This paper describes an efficient interpreter for lazy functional languages like Haskell and Clean. The interpreter is based on the elimination of algebraic data types and pattern-based function definitions by mapping them to functions using a new efficient variant of the Church encoding. The transformation is simple and yields concise code. We illustrate(More)
In this paper we introduce a new technique to synthesize functions matching a given set of input-output pairs. Using techniques similar to defunc-tionalisation the abstract syntax tree of the candidate functions is specified at a high level of abstraction. We use a recursive data type to represent the syntax tree of the candidate functions. The test system(More)
AIMS Endurance sports activities have been associated with the development of atrial fibrillation (AF). Pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) by means of radiofrequency catheter ablation has been established as an effective treatment for AF. The aim of the present study was to analyse the efficacy of AF ablation in athletes. METHODS AND RESULTS We compared(More)
In this paper we introduce the iTask system: a set of combinators to specify <i>work flows</i> in a pure functional language at a very high level of abstraction. Work flow systems are automated systems in which <i>tasks</i> are coordinated that have to be executed by humans and computers. The combinators that we propose support work flow patterns commonly(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether in a population of patients with 'lone atrial flutter', the proportion of those engaged in long-term endurance sports is higher than that observed in the general population. DESIGN An age and sex-matched retrospective case-control study. SETTING A database with 638 consecutive patients who underwent ablation for atrial(More)
G∀ST is a fully automatic test system. Given a logical property, stated as a function, it is able to generate appropriate test values, to execute tests with these values, and to evaluate the results of these tests. Many reactive systems, like automata and protocols, however, are specified by a model rather than in logic. There exist tools that are able to(More)