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An enrichment selection method using repeated pulses of low drug concentration (1 microgram/ml) was used to isolate CHO (AK412) variants that are 20-fold more resistant to cytochalasin D (CD). CD-resistant (CydR) variants possess a unique unstable phenotype, including a longer doubling time in nonselective medium, a higher frequency of multinucleate cells(More)
Cell lines stably resistant to ouabain were isolated from an unstably resistant HeLa line after growth in nonselective medium. Stable resistant lines bound ouabain at levels 10-fold higher than did HeLa cells and at similar levels to those bound by the unstable C+ line previously described (J. F. Ash, R. M. Fineman, T. Kalka, M. Morgan, and B. Wire, J. Cell(More)
Measurements of internal ion concentrations, amino acid pools, and membrane potential were made across a series of HeLa subclones which are amplified for the genes for the sodium- and potassium-activated ATPase (Na,K-ATPase). These subclones expressed heterogeneous levels of ouabain-binding sites, allowing us to construct a graded amplification series.(More)
Key messages • An ex ante assessment process for the intended nationally determined contributions (INDCs) under a 2015 international climate change agreement may provide an important means to ensure that INDCs are in line with internationally agreed objectives and principles, to enhance understanding of countries' climate actions, and to build trust among(More)
We have generated a series of clonally related cell lines which differ in the level of amplified expression of the Na,K-ATPase. These lines, originally derived from the ouabain resistant HeLa variant C+, expressed different numbers of binding sites for the Na,K-ATPase inhibitor ouabain, ranging from 2.9 X 10(6)/cell to 11.8 X 10(6)/cell. Amplification of(More)
  • Harro van Asselt, Pieter Pauw, TemaNord, Hanne Lebech
  • 2015
In 2013, Parties to the UNFCCC were invited to prepare and communicate their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) under a 2015 agreement. Assessment and review of INDCs can help to ensure that these contributions are in line with internationally agreed objectives and principles, help establish and enhance transparency, trust and(More)
Accumulation and release of a fluid-phase marker ([14C]-sucrose) were studied in a subline of the mouse lymphocytic cell line L5178Y and in a polyethylene glycol-resistant, intercellular-fusion-impaired mutant of this line. The mutant was found to accumulate [14C]-sucrose at a significantly slower rate than the parent. Analysis of release of preloaded label(More)
Amino acid transport was studied in C1 cells which contain amplified levels of sodium- and potassium-activated adenosine triphosphatase (Na,K-ATPase), in C4 cells which are ouabain-sensitive revertants, and in parental HeLa S3. Sodium-dependent uptake of aminoisobutyric acid and alanine was increased 2-fold in the amplified C1 cells. After a 6 h amino acid(More)
A nonlethal concentration of H2O2 (0.05%) greatly enhances near-ultraviolet (NUV) inactivation of phage T7. Simultaneous treatment with H2O2 and NUV reduces the amount of DNA injected into the bacterial host, but not the number of phage adsorbed. Not only were recombination and gene expression of late markers reduced upon treatment of phage T7 with NUV plus(More)
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