Pieter J. Mosterman

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The complexity of present day embedded systems (continuous processes controlled by digital processors), and the increased demands on their reliability motivate the need for monitoring and fault isolation capabilities in the embedded processors. This paper develops monitoring, prediction, and fault isolation methods for abrupt faults in complex dynamic(More)
ion Physical reality typically embodies numerous phenomena a lot of which may be secondary to the gross behavior of interest for the problem being addressed To prevent unnecessary complexity in tasks such as design analysis and control it is desirable to only capture those aspects of the system that are of immediate interest to the behaviors in question(More)
Modeling and simulation are quickly becoming the primary enablers for complex system design.They allow the representation of intricate knowledge at various levels of abstraction and allow automated analysis as well as synthesis. The heterogeneity of the design process, as much as of the system itself, however, requires a manifold of formalisms tailored to(More)
Modelling and simulation are becoming increasingly important enablers in the analysis and design of complex systems. To tackle problems of ever increasing complexity, modelling and simulation research is shifting from simulation techniques to modelling methodology and technology. In this article, the emerging field of Computer Automated Multi-Paradigm(More)
To model complex mixed continuous/discrete, hybrid, systems, the continuous part can be described by di erential and algebraic equations using an object-oriented modeling language such as Modelica. It is shown how a discrete formalism such as Petri nets can be incorporated by describing all components by strictly local equations. This allows a unifying(More)
The design of embedded systems is often based on the development of a detailed formal system specification. Considerable effort is spent to ensure the correctness of this specification. However, the actual implementation of the specification and later maintenance is usually done using traditional programming and more often diverges from the specification.(More)
Fault detection and isolation in dynamic physical systems based on analysis of transient system behavior involves monitoring for deviations and linking observed deviations to changes in system parameters. Components linked to the changed parameter values may be faulty. Functional redundancy is exploited in choosing measurements to uniquely isolate all(More)
Bond graphs are a powerful formalism for modeling the continuous dynamics of physical systems To model fast continuous changes as discontinuities hybrid bond graphs introduce an ideal switching element the con trolled junction that may inhibit power transfer by enforcing its common variable to be zero When bond graph storage components become dependent upon(More)