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OBJECTIVES To compare the cardiac silhouette method with the vertebral body method in predicting the umbilical venous catheter tip position on ultrasound; to measure the length of the target zone for the umbilical venous catheter tip; and to determine the time taken for a neonatologist to ascertain position of the umbilical venous catheter tip with(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the hypotheses that a blended learning approach would improve the newborn examination skills of medical students and yield a higher level of satisfaction with learning newborn examination. METHOD Undergraduate medical students at a tertiary teaching hospital were individually randomised to receive either a standard neonatology(More)
AIM Breastmilk is considered the most important nutrient and source of supplementation for both term and preterm infants.1 It is composed of many important nutrients, including vitamin D.2 The content of this vitamin in breast milk is usually low, even for lactating mothers with adequate vitamin D status.2 3 Preterm infants are at the great risk of vitamin(More)
AIM To investigate the effect of the pasteurisation process on trace elements in donor breast milk. METHOD Premature infants often receive donor breast milk when the mother is unable to produce sufficient breast milk. It is widely accepted that donor milk has considerable advantages over formula milk.1 The Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (RBWH) has a(More)
The occurrence of vitamin D deficiency has become an issue of serious concern in the worldwide population. As a result numerous analytical methods have been developed, for a variety of matrices, during the last few years to measure vitamin D analogs and metabolites. This review employs a comprehensive search of all vitamin D methods developed during the(More)
OBJECTIVE Premature infants often receive pasteurized donor human milk when mothers are unable to provide their own milk. This study aims to establish the effect of the pasteurization process on a range of trace elements in donor milk. STUDY DESIGN Breast milk was collected from 16 mothers donating to the milk bank at the Royal Brisbane and Women's(More)
Lactation and breast milk can hold great value and meaning for grieving mothers who have experienced a recent death of an infant. Donation to a human milk bank (HMB) as an alternative to discarding breast milk is one means of respecting the value of breast milk. There is little research, national policy discussion, or organizational representation in(More)
BACKGROUND Intercostal catheters are commonly used for the drainage of intrathoracic collections in newborn infants, including pneumothorax and pleural effusions. Placement of an intercostal drain is a potential risk factor for nosocomial infection due to breach of the cutaneous barrier. Therefore, neonates who require intercostal drainage, especially those(More)
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