Pieter-Hugo van Wyk

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A robust reversed phase ion-pairing RP-HPLC method has been developed for the unambiguous speciation and quantification of all possible homoleptic and heteroleptic octahedral platinum(IV) [PtCl(6-n)Br(n)](2-) (n=0-6) as well as the corresponding platinum(II) [PtCl(4-n)Br(n)](2-) (n=0-4) complex anions using UV/Vis detection. High resolution (195)Pt NMR in(More)
Physical characterization of a soymilk powder was carried out by electron microscopy. Chemical characterization was analyzed by proximate analysis, mineral composition by atomic absorption spectrometry, fatty acid composition by gas chromatography and protein composition by electrophoresis. The powder consists of large granules of 60-80 μm, which may be(More)
RATIONALE The speciation of the purely inorganic [PtCl6-n Brn](2-) (n = 0-6) anions and their corresponding mono-aquated [PtCl5-n Brn (H2O)](-) (n = 0-5) anions is of considerable importance to the precious metal refining and recycling industry, to ensure optimum recovery and separation efficiencies. Speciation of platinum complexes present in precursor(More)
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