Pieter E. Badenhorst

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Cinnamoyl CoA-reductase (CCR) and caffeic acid O-methyltransferase (COMT) catalyze key steps in the biosynthesis of monolignols, which serve as building blocks in the formation of plant lignin. We identified candidate genes encoding these two enzymes in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) and show that the spatio-temporal expression patterns of these genes(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the nutritional status and household resources of preschool children. DESIGN A cross-sectional survey. SETTING : Two informal settlement areas, Joe Slovo (JS) and JB Mafora (JBM) in Mangaung, near Bloemfontein, South Africa. SUBJECTS Preschool children (<72 months) of a randomly selected sample of households in JS (experimental)(More)
The Lr56/Yr38 translocation consists primarily of alien-derived chromatin with only the 6AL telomeric region being of wheat origin. To improve its utility in wheat breeding, an attempt was made to exchange excess Ae. sharonensis chromatin for wheat chromatin through homoeologous crossover in the absence of Ph1. Translocation heterozygotes that lacked Ph1(More)
Yi Tu,a,b,c Simone Rochfort,a,c Zhiqian Liu,a Yidong Ran,a Megan Griffith,a,b Pieter Badenhorst,a Gordon V. Louie,d Marianne E. Bowman,d Kevin F. Smith,a,b,c Joseph P. Noel,d Aidyn Mouradov,a,b,c,1 and German Spangenberga,b,c a Department of Primary Industries, Biosciences Research Division, Victorian AgriBiosciences Centre, Bundoora, Victoria, 3083,(More)
High molecular weight fructans are the main class of water-soluble carbohydrate used for energy storage in many temperate grass species including perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.). As well as being important readily mobilisable energy reserves for the plant, fructans are also involved in stress tolerance. Fructans are also readily digested by grazing(More)
Delay of leaf senescence through genetic modification can potentially improve crop yield, through maintenance of photosynthetically active leaves for a longer period. Plant growth hormones such as cytokinin regulate and delay leaf senescence. Here, the structural gene (IPT) encoding the cytokinin biosynthetic enzyme isopentenyltransferase was fused to a(More)
Molecular breeding tools, such as genetic modification, provide forage plant breeders with the opportunity to incorporate high value traits into breeding programs which, in some cases, would not be available using any other methodology. Despite the potential impact of these traits, little work has been published that seeks to optimize the strategies for(More)
S • 2002 Coordinated by REACH (ResearchEnriched Academic Challenge) Student Center Gallery Lounge March 25, 2002 Southern Illinois University Carbondale The Undergraduate Research Forum is part of REACH (Research-Enriched Academic Challenge), a campus-wide program for undergraduates coordinated by the Office of Research Development and Administration. For(More)
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