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BACKGROUND The Western Ontario rotator cuff index (WORC) is an increasingly applied condition-specific outcome measure for rotator cuff (RC) conditions. However, in most WORC validation studies, only(More)
In a prospective randomised study we compared the results of arthroscopic subacromial bursectomy alone with debridement of the subacromial bursa followed by acromioplasty. A total of 57 patients with(More)
BACKGROUND Arm adductor co-activation during abduction has been reported as a potential compensation mechanism for a narrow subacromial space in patients with rotator cuff dysfunction. We assessed(More)
BACKGROUND The treatment effect of acromioplasty for chronic subacromial pain syndrome (SAPS) on long-term shoulder function and rotator cuff deterioration has still to be determined. This study(More)