Pieter A A Struyf

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BACKGROUND Various studies have investigated scapulothoracic muscle activity and recruitment patterns in relation to shoulder complaints in different populations, but a consensus review is lacking. HYPOTHESIS/PURPOSE To systematically review the state of the art regarding scapulothoracic muscle activity and recruitment timing in subjects with shoulder(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effectiveness of a self-management intervention aimed at proactive coping for stroke patients and partners, compared with an education intervention. DESIGN Multicentre randomized controlled trial. PARTICIPANTS The study included 113 stroke patients (mean age 57.0 years (standard deviation (SD) 9.0), mean 18.8 months after(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of osteoarthritis (OA) in the knee and/or hip of the intact leg among traumatic leg amputees compared with the general population and its relationship with amputation level, time since amputation, age, and mobility. DESIGN Cross-sectional observational study. SETTING Outpatient population of 2 Dutch rehabilitation(More)
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