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The large use of P2P systems gives rise to the question of the performance of these applications. The performance evaluation of P2P systems can be undertaken in many ways. Here, we focus mainly on file retrieval performance, i.e., the time to download a file, the throughput of downloads and the waiting time before the transfer begins. Our study is based on(More)
We present a new measure for analysing animal movement data, which we term a 'Multi-Scale Straightness Index' (MSSI). The measure is a generalisation of the 'Straightness Index', the ratio of the beeline distance between the start and end of a track to the total distance travelled. In our new measure, the Straightness Index is computed repeatedly for track(More)
BACKGROUND Left ventricular function predicts cardiovascular mortality both in the general population and those with end-stage renal disease. Echocardiography is commonly undertaken as a screening test before kidney transplantation; however, there are little data on its predictive power. METHODS This was a retrospective review of patients assessed for(More)
While networks capacities are usually planned to cope with the offered traffic, transient link overloads may occur due to link failures or traffic peaks. According to previous analytical and simulation studies, performance degradation is relatively slow at moderate overloads. The reason is the high variance of the current flow size distribution. We check(More)
Probabilistic databases address well the requirements of an increasing number of modern applications that produce large volumes of uncertain data from a variety of sources. Probabilistic keys enforce the integrity of entities in order to facilitate data processing in probabilistic database systems. For this purpose, we establish algorithms for an agile(More)
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