Piet Wessels

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False memories (e.g., recognition of events that did not occur) are considered behaviorally and subjectively indistinguishable from true memories. We report that brain activity differs when true and false memories are retrieved. Strongly associated lists of words were presented to one or the other cerebral hemisphere at study. This led to lateralized brain(More)
The authors report the case of a 70-year-old woman who developed a Brown-Sequard-syndrome within 6 weeks caused by an intramedullary spinal cord metastasis of an occult renal cell carcinoma. Intramedullary metastases are rare and represent only 4-8.5% of central nervous system metastases. An important feature of intramedullary metastases is the rapid(More)
We describe and evaluate a simple method for labelling autologous human platelets with Indium-111-oxine in patients with severe thrombocytopenia. Twenty patients with immune thrombocytopenia and platelet counts ranging from 5 to 119 X 10(9)/1 were investigated. Platelets were isolated from blood by differential centrifugation, residual platelets were(More)
Six patients with giant platelet syndrome were examined: four with Bernard-Soulier syndrome (two were asplenic); one with hereditary thrombopathic thrombocytopenia; and one with May-Hegglin anomaly. Autologous platelets were labelled with In-111-oxine and in vivo redistribution and sites of sequestration measured with quantitative imaging. In(More)
Thirteen patients were investigated on 22 occasions at times varying from 1 day to 10 years after living family donor or cadaver renal transplantation. Platelet survival in the circulation, and in vivo platelet distribution and sites of deposition and sequestration was quantitatively determined with Indium-111-oxine (In-111-oxine) labelled platelets and a(More)
We describe a case with a low oxygen affinity hemoglobin (Hb) variant who presented with cyanosis in the absence of cardiopulmonary disease. The patient, a 27-year-old pregnant female (P1G2), complained of a productive cough and bluish discoloration of the lips that started 3 days prior to seeking attention. She had no previous episodes and has generally(More)
Twelve mathematic methods used to calculate the mean platelet survival time were compared by determining the "goodness of fit" of the models to the platelet survival curves of 15 reference subjects and 54 patients. Platelets were labeled with [111In]oxine. The linear (LN), exponential, weighted mean, multiple hit (MH), Dornhorst (DH), Meuleman (ML), alpha(More)
In this paper the challenges and opportunities of a wafer fab process transfer are explained. Details and background of methodologies and choices made in the transfer of the back-end-of-line of a state-of-the-art SOI automotive process are explained. Field reliability results validate the choices made.
Twenty-two healthy women participated in a study to determine whether roxithromycin (a new macrolide antibiotic agent) obtunds the activity of a triphasic oral contraceptive. The duration of the study was four menstrual cycles. Medication was given as follows: (1) cycle 1, no medication to demonstrate ovulation; (2) cycle 2, triphasic oral contraceptive(More)
The kinetics of pooling of platelets in the spleen may be used to measure spleen function. However, pooling of platelets in other organs, especially the liver, may affect these kinetic measurements. We have therefore compared, in man and baboon, the kinetics of 111In-labelled platelets and 111In-labelled red cells in the liver and spleen during the first 60(More)