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An algorithm is proposed for skeletonization of 3-D images. The criterion to preserve connectivity is given in two versions: global and local. The latter allows local decisions in the erosion process. A table of the decisions for all possible configurations is given in this paper. The algorithm using this table can be directly implemented both on general(More)
In this paper, we present a novel method to estimate curvature of iso gray-level surfaces in gray-value images. Our method succeeds where standard isophote curvature estimation methods fail. There is neither a segmentation of the surface needed nor a parametric model assumed. Our estimator works on the orientation field of the surface. This orientation(More)
Filtering of an image with rotated versions of an orientation selective filter yields a set of images which can be stacked to form an orientation space. Orientation space provides a means of analyzing overlapping and touching patterns, characterized by their orientation. In this paper we extend previous work and show that curved patterns may also be(More)
A systematic framework is given that accommodates existing max-min filter methods and suggests new ones. Putting the upper and lower envelopes UPP = MIN(MAX) and LOW = MAX(MIN) in the roles that MAX, MIN or original play in existing filters we can distinguish edges in ramp edges and texture (or noise) edges; all methods presented come in three versions: for(More)