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An additional clinicohistopathological observation of neonatal pulmonary interstitial glycogenosis is described, confirming the findings in the original description by Canakis and coworkers [1]. The most striking finding is the presence of glycogen-laden cells within the interstitium of the lung. The outcome is favourable relative to other chronic(More)
Acute renal failure due to tubulo-interstitial nephritis developed in a 15-year-old girl. The disease was accompanied by uveitis and an inflammatory syndrome, consisting of a markedly increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate and high serum gamma globulin levels. The nephropathy as well as the inflammatory syndrome subsided spontaneously. A topical(More)
Unilateral thalamic bleeding with associated intraventricular hemorrhage is reported in three full-term neonates. The first presented within 48 hours from birth with early onset streptococcal meningitis, persistent pulmonary hypertension, tonic seizures and a tense fontanelle. The second presented 6 days after birth with irritability, opisthotonus, a tense(More)
Three preterm infants exposed antenatally to indomethacin developed a characteristic syndrome consisting of edema and hydrops with a bleeding disorder at birth, oliguric renal failure during the first 3 postnatal days, and acute pneumoperitoneum resulting from localized ileal perforation(s) at the end of the first week of life. Despite the value of(More)
An original non-invasive method for easy and reproducible measurement of the subarachnoid space width in infants is described. Preliminary results of normal values during the neonatal period are presented as well as of the validity of the ultrasound method for abnormal values obtained by available computed tomography scanning.
We report three siblings, two of whom had a neuropathological study, with a new subtype of congenital ponto-cerebellar atrophy (PCH). In addition to the brain stem and cerebellar anomalies common to all types of this heterogeneous condition, there were unique developmental defects in the telencephalon: absence of the claustrum, diffuse cortical changes(More)
This study was an investigation of a possible correlation between either the gestational age (GA) and type of brain injury or between the gestational age and type, distribution and severity of cerebral palsy (CP). Four hundred sixty-one children with a birthweight ≥1250 g and GA ≥30 weeks with a complicated neonatal period and/or brain injury on serial(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the diagnostic value of prenatal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in addition to prenatal ultrasound in a case of fetal varicella syndrome. METHODS Comparison of prenatal ultrasound and MRI features obtained at 26 and 32 weeks, respectively, with neonatal imaging (ultrasound, MRI and CT) and macroscopic and microscopic pathology(More)