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We report five cases of metastasizing basal cell carcinoma. The incidence of metastases in all patients with basal cell carcinomas who had surgery in the same period was 0.1%. There was no squamous differentiation in the histology of any of the primary lesions, but we found some squamous differentiation in a late recurrence in one patient and in the(More)
A prospective surgical audit of all colostomies fashioned over a 1-year period in one hospital was conducted. Of one hundred and ten colostomies there were 56 loop and 52 end stomas. Following the formation of the colostomy a proforma was completed and the surgeon interviewed to document the precise surgical technique employed. Whilst in hospital the(More)
In this paper a new algorithm for switch level simulation is presented. The algorithm is compatible with classical time wheel mechanisms for logic simulation and therefore allows for assignable delay modeling also at the switch level. The key to this algorithm is a local relaxation method which takes care of localized bilateral effects. The algorithm is(More)
A new approach to the problem of intractable malignant ascites in preterminal abdominal carcinoma is presented. Seventeen patients treated with a new implantable silastic drain are described. Symptomatic relief was excellent in all patients for as long as the drain was patent. Complications included abdominal wall cellulitis in two instances and one case of(More)
In this paper, a new MOS oriented multilevel logic simulator is presented in which primitives can be conventional <underline>unidirectional gates</underline> as well as high level <underline>functional blocks</underline> and <underline>bidirectional MOS transistors</underline>. First the simulator and its capabilities are introduced, then the simulation(More)
A safe, effective method of large-bowel preparation is outlined, the emphasis being on a standardized technique for the average patient. The rationale for the use of the technique is briefly described, and there is a further section on the preparation of the bowel in a patient with a colostomy. The importance of a residue-free fluid diet and adequate saline(More)