Piet Schurmans

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A new test of intraluminal fat digestive activity is proposed for which a mixed triglyceride, 1,3-dioleyl-2-14C-decanoyl glycerol, was used. 29 normal subjects, 14 patients with proven chronic pancreatitis, 10 pancreatectomy, 12 villus atrophy and 8 bile acid-deficient patients were studied. The mean 14CO2 excretion in breath, expressed as the 10th-hour(More)
A trial of neodymium-yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser treatment was conducted in 152 patients with upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage. Laser photocoagulation was applied in 0.5- to 1-s pulses of 55-80 W power. A first part of the trial studying patients with arterial bleeding was uncontrolled. Spurting arterial bleedings could be stopped in 87% of the 23(More)
Parameters of bile acid metabolism were studied in two populations with different dietary fibre and starch intake over a period of at least 5 years. Subjects with a high fibre and starch intake have significant increases in faecal wet weight (288.5 g day-1 vs. 136.1), faecal dry weight (39.3 g day-1 vs. 20.2), faecal bile acid excretion (393.0 mg day-1 vs.(More)
L'u l t r a sonograph ie endoscopique (USE) intraluminale ano rec t a l e est d e v e n u e l ' examen s tandard dans de multiples indications, concernant surtout le bilan des 16sions b6nignes et malignes. C'est un examen de haute fiabilit6 ayant un impact clinique substantiel. La technique de l '6choendoscopie a d6but6 dans no t re service en 1985. Le n o(More)
The efficacy and safety of omeprazole, 40 mg once daily for four to eight weeks of treatment, were studied in 61 patients with ulcerative reflux esophagitis. A double-blind controlled study design was used, and the patients were randomly allocated to treatment with either omeprazole 40 mg once daily or ranitidine 150 mg twice daily. Endoscopy was performed(More)
BACKGROUND Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) is considered to be the best staging technique for cancer of the esophagus or the esophagogastric junction. This study evaluates the relation between preoperative EUS staging results of these tumors and survival. It also examines how EUS staging predicts resectability. METHODS Survival data of 86 patients who(More)
OBJECTIVE:Acute lower gastrointestinal bleeding is a rare complication of Crohn's disease, which represents a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. The aim of this study was to define epidemiological characteristics and therapeutic options of hemorrhagic forms of Crohn's disease.METHODS:Thirty-four cases of hemorrhagic forms of Crohn's disease were studied(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Collagenous colitis (CC) is a well-described entity causing chronic diarrhea and characteristic histologic findings. Several treatment options have been suggested, but no controlled data are available. We conducted a placebo-controlled trial to show the clinical and histologic effects of budesonide in CC. METHODS Twenty-eight patients(More)