Piet Robbrecht

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The availability of the human genome sequence as well as the large number of physically accessible oligonucleotides, cDNA, and BAC clones across the entire genome has triggered and accelerated the use of several platforms for analysis of DNA copy number changes, amongst others microarray comparative genomic hybridization (arrayCGH). One of the challenges(More)
The RTPrimerDB (http://medgen.ugent.be/rtprimerdb) project provides a freely accessible data retrieval system and an in silico assay evaluation pipeline for real-time quantitative PCR assays. Over the last year the number of user submitted assays has grown to 3500. Data conveyance from Entrez Gene by establishing an assay-to-gene relationship enables the(More)
DNA methylation plays an important role in development and tumorigenesis by epigenetic modification and silencing of critical genes. The development of PCR-based methylation assays on bisulphite modified DNA heralded a breakthrough in speed and sensitivity for gene methylation analysis. Despite this technological advancement, these approaches require a(More)
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