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In this paper, a new hand and wrist exoskeleton design, the SCRIPT Passive Orthosis (SPO), for the rehabilitation after stroke is presented. The SPO is a wrist, hand, and finger orthosis that assists individuals after stroke that suffer from impairments caused by spasticity and abnormal synergies. These impairments are characterized in the wrist and hand by(More)
The pathophysiological assessment of joint properties and voluntary motion in neurological patients remains a challenge. This is typically the case in cerebellar patients, who exhibit dysmetric movements due to the dysfunction of cerebellar circuitry. Several tools have been developed, but so far most of these tools have remained confined to laboratories,(More)
Upper limb postural tremor consists of mechanical-reflex and central-neurogenic oscillations, superimposed upon a background of irregular fluctuations in muscle force. Muscle spindles play key-roles in the information flow to supra-spinal and spinal generators. Oscillations were delivered using a new generation portable myohaptic device, called(More)
For interactive humanoids, rehabilitation robots, and orthotic and prosthetic devices, the human-robot interaction is an essential but challenging element. Compliant Series-Elastic Actuators (SEAs) are ideal to power such devices due to their low impedance and smoothness of generated forces. In this paper we present the ServoSEA, which is a miniature(More)
In an admittance-controlled haptic device, input forces are used to calculate the movement of the device. Although developers try to minimize delays, there will always be delays between the applied force and the corresponding movement in such systems, which might affect what the user of the device perceives. In this experiment we tested whether these delays(More)
Haptic rendering [3] is becoming an important element of multimodal interaction. Often a real-time coupling between haptics and visualization is required, based upon an underlying physical model. In this paper, we study haptic rendering and visualization of the generation of waves in shallow water. For applications, it is usually more important to come up(More)
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