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CONTEXT Health care applications of autoidentification technologies, such as radio frequency identification (RFID), have been proposed to improve patient safety and also the tracking and tracing of medical equipment. However, electromagnetic interference (EMI) by RFID on medical devices has never been reported. OBJECTIVE To assess and classify incidents(More)
Interleukin-6 (IL-6) is one of the major circulating cytokines in catabolic states. To investigate its endocrinologic and metabolic actions in vivo, we studied eight patients with metastatic renal cell cancer two times, once during infusion of saline (control) and once during a 4-h infusion of 150 micrograms recombinant human IL-6 (rhIL-6). Rates of(More)
In 149 patients, treated with intermittent continuous infusion of different chemotherapeutic agents, 169 Port-a-Caths were implanted by qualified surgeons and residents in training. The peri- and postoperative complications of implantation of the Port-a-Cath system and the complications during treatment were retrospectively analysed. The Port-a-Cath was in(More)
To gain competitive advantage, hospitals try to streamline their processes. In order to do so, it is essential to have an accurate view of the " careflows " under consideration. In this paper, we apply process mining techniques to obtain meaningful knowledge about these flows, e.g., to discover typical paths followed by particular groups of patients. This(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of paclitaxel (P) and carboplatin (C) in a sequence-finding and dose-escalating study in untreated non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS Fifty-five chemotherapy-naive patients with NSCLC were entered onto the pharmacokinetic part of a large phase I trial in which(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of our study was to assess long-term cause-specific mortality of 5-year childhood cancer survivors. PROCEDURE The study population consisted of 1,378 patients who had been treated for childhood cancer in The Netherlands between 1966 and 1996 and survived at least 5 years; follow-up was complete for 99% of survivors. Cause-specific(More)
This paper discusses the preliminary results of a systematic review of the literature on applied usability studies of health information systems in the period 1990 to 2006. Abstracts were included when they described an evaluation of the usability of a health information system. To gain insight into usability methods applied and their properties we(More)
Currently, many hospitals are investigating the use of work-flow management systems in order to provide support for healthcare processes. However, contemporary workflow management systems fall short in supporting care processes which require flexible execution options. In this paper, we investigate the flexibility requirements that need to be satisfied in(More)