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Effector mechanisms in experimental autoimmune thyroiditis (EAT) were studied in vitro by establishing a cytotoxicity system with thyroid target cells. Lymph node cells (LNC) from popliteal and inguinal lymph nodes were obtained from CBA/J mice (8-10 wk old) 12-18 d after immunization with 120 micrograms mouse thyroglobulin (MTg) in complete Freund's(More)
We studied the effect of two commonly used fungicides on the epiphytic yeast community of strawberry. Greenhouse and field experiments were conducted applying Switch (cyprodinil plus fludioxonil) or Signum (boscalid plus pyrac-lostrobin) to strawberry plants. Yeasts on leaves and fruits were assessed on treated and untreated plants at several time points(More)
Resonant laser ionization and spectroscopy are widely used techniques at radioactive ion beam facilities to produce pure beams of exotic nuclei and measure the shape, size, spin and electromagnetic multipole moments of these nuclei. However, in such measurements it is difficult to combine a high efficiency with a high spectral resolution. Here we(More)
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