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“Harm” and Mill’s Harm Principle*
This article addresses the long-standing problem of how to understand Mill’s famous harm principle in light of his failure to specify what counts as “harm” in On Liberty. I argue that standardExpand
Authority, Progress, and the “Assumption of Infallibility” in On Liberty
John Stuart Mill’s defense of free discussion in On Liberty includes the claim that silencing discussion implies an “assumption of infallibility.” This claim is often dismissed as absurd on theExpand
John Stuart Mill on Luck and Distributive Justice
When and why are inequalities unjust? Luck egalitarians have argued that, as a matter of distributive justice, the focus should be on eliminating inequalities resulting from bad brute luck ratherExpand
Rules and Right in Mill
Recent scholarship on John Stuart Mill’s moral theory has settled on the view that he is committed to a form of rule utilitarianism. I argue that this consensus is mistaken. Mill’s explicit accountExpand
Business Data Ethics: Emerging Trends in the Governance of Advanced Analytics and AI
Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence are powerful technologies that, along with their benefits, create new threats to privacy, equality, fairness and transparency. Existing law does not yetExpand
The absolutism problem in On Liberty
Mill argues that, apart from the principle of utility, his utilitarianism is incompatible with absolutes. Yet in On Liberty he introduces an exceptionless anti-paternalism principle—his libertyExpand
Punishment and Discretion in Mill's Utilitarianism
I argue that a notorious passage from Utilitarianism concerning the relationship between morality and blameworthiness need not be an obstacle to a consistent act-utilitarian interpretation of Mill'sExpand
Mill's Evolutionary Theory of Justice: Reflections on Persky
Abstract Joseph Persky's excellent book, The Political Economy of Progress: John Stuart Mill and Modern Radicalism, shows that J. S. Mill's support for socialism is a carefully considered element ofExpand
Mill and Modern Liberalism