Piers Campbell

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Protein-protein interaction (PPI) is essential to most biological processes. Abnormal interactions may have implications in a number of neurological syndromes. Given that the association and dissociation of protein molecules is crucial, computational tools capable of effectively identifying PPI are desirable. In this paper, we propose a simple yet effective(More)
Conotoxin classification could assist in the study of the structure function relationship of ion-channels and receptors as well as identifying potential therapeutics in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases such as schizophrenia, chronic pain, cardiovascular and bladder dysfunction. In this study, we introduce a novel method (Toxin-AAM) for conotoxin(More)
The software industry has continued to grow over the past decade and there is now a need to provide education and hands-on training to students in various phases of software life cycle. Software design is one of the vital phases of the software development cycle. Psychological theories assert that not everybody is fit for all kind of tasks as people have(More)
The need for improved controlled delivery of testosterone to hypogonadal men stimulated the development of a self-adherent transscrotal testosterone system to provide programmed testosterone delivery through the uniquely permeable scrotal skin. In this short- and long-term efficacy trial, the responses of testosterone and its metabolites to the application(More)
In newly diagnosed myeloma patients, upfront autologous transplant (ASCT) prolongs progression-free survival 1 (PFS1) compared with chemotherapy plus lenalidomide (CC+R). Salvage ASCT at first relapse may still effectively rescue patients who did not receive upfront ASCT. To evaluate the long-term benefit of upfront ASCT vs CC+R and the impact of salvage(More)
Free and open source software is gaining popularity at an unprecedented rate of growth. Organizations despite some concerns about the quality have been using them for various purposes. One of the biggest concerns about free and open source software is post release software defects and their fixing. Many believe that there is no appropriate support available(More)
Interest in Conotoxin has been rapidly growing over the past number of years due to its potential for effective use in the design of drugs to treat a myriad of conditions including, neuromuscular disorders, chronic pain and schizophrenia. As a result it is necessary to develop powerful and efficient techniques which can accurately classify conotoxin super(More)
Administering multilingual Web sites and applications reliably, involves interconnected and multipart tasks, where trust in the involved parties and content translation sources is paramount. Published Web sites may reflect content from databases, content management systems and other repositories to manage related Web content. But a Web site mirrored wholly(More)